Export and Distribution of Corn in Kernels


We are engaged in the export, wholesale and supply of high quality and nutritious yellow corn feed. This yellow corn is used as human and animal feed.

Sourced from reliable vendors, the yellow corn we offer is free from dirt or adulteration. The yellow corn we provide has uniform kernel size and excellent resistance to soiling. It is available in tamper-proof packaging.

Corn is a source of antioxidants that fight free radicals and cellular aging.

Rich in fiber and carbohydrates, corn is satiating and helps control our appetite.

Rich in folic acid and other vitamins, corn is an ally of various brain functions.

The vitamin B1 contained in corn lowers homocysteine and therefore also reduces the risk of suffering a cardiovascular attack.

Rich in folic acid, it is highly recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Thanks to the presence of calcium among its nutrients.