agreements  and alliances

We have consolidated agreements with international companies in order to reaffirm our commitments and to be able to grow and strengthen our operations.

With these alliances, we face an expansion with a promising future.

Below are the companies with which we currently have agreements and with which we are proud to join forces

Tradit pro

After many years in the distribution sector, having partnered with Spanish producers in the food sector, TradIT Pro, took a step further in the export and distribution sector worldwide.

Thus, a group of companies in the technology sector, producers and traders have managed to join their efforts to be a future reference in the export of commodities around the world.

mirai group

MIRAI GROP based in Japan, has commercial representation in Brazil, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Paraguay, Uruguay, Honduras, Spain, Dubai, África among other countries.

Although they considered a young company, they can guarantee the higest professional standards